A Code Of Conduct For The Recording Industry

from the what's-good-for-goose dept

It appears that record companies and their movie counterparts are pressuring ISPs to adopt a “code of conduct” for blocking P2P file sharing and turning in such users to the authorities. Perhaps it seems odd for one (non-governmental) industry to create a code of conduct for another. But what the heck. In that spirit, we’ve taken the liberty of creating a code of conduct for ISPs to impose on the record labels. It would go something like this: 1) acknowledge that file sharing is inevitable (and forget about us policing our networks for you); 2) use that to your advantage, as industries have similarly done for centuries; 3) if you need help with #2, do this: devise a smarter business model that embraces file sharing, perhaps even exploits it; 4) if you need help with #3, do this: consider sharing as free advertising and build services around that; 5) if you need help with #4, try this: your new business model all laid out for you; and 6) by all means, stop giving sibling spinoff acts a contract and/or a microphone.

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