Time Warner, Comcast Get Adelphia, Comcast Celebrates By Turning Off DNS

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It looks like Adelphia cable broadband customers who are about to get shifted over to Comcast have plenty of outages to look forward to. The same evening that it’s announced that Time Warner and Comcast will jointly devour what’s left of Adelphia for about $18 billion, Comcast had major DNS issues leaving many of their users offline. Of course, in explaining the widespread outage, Comcast is using their favorite phrase: “scheduled maintenance.” That’s the same thing they told me when Comcast turned off my service nearly every weekday last October. I would call every morning and be told that it was “scheduled maintenance.” However, when I asked what the schedule was and if I’d have service the next day, I was told they had no idea. Apparently, it doesn’t become scheduled until it actually cut you off.

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Comments on “Time Warner, Comcast Get Adelphia, Comcast Celebrates By Turning Off DNS”

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Bryan Price (user link) says:

I'm with Comcast

and I had zero bit of trouble doing anything on the Intarnets last night.

I have had problems with their DNS about a year ago being slower than glacial creep.

Wow. I just found out why I didn’t have a problem. I have my two computers hardcoded to go to ns9.attbi.com and ns8.attbi.com, not the ns.inflow.pa.bo.comcast.net that DHCP served my router.


Anonymous Coward says:


PRO – RATE your bills people !
If enough people REFUSE to pay for the days of service that they DON’T get , then the scheduled maintenance issue stops.

I pro-rate my bill to Comcast every month.
If service is off for more than an hour, I cut my bill by 1/30th.

Comcast never complains & I never pay full price.

keith (user link) says:

adelphia & comcast

about 3 weeks a go now i had a problem where they had a whire cut and that cost them to go down
that was adelphia and i asked them on the phone
when ware they switching over to comast
and the girl i sopke with on the phone said as of jully 31 they are switching over to comcast whatch is a week from today at least that what the girl said that i spoke with i wont know till a week from monday if it goes through i hope it does go through
because adelphia is down i say once a month some times every other day in a month adelphia took 9 days to come back on after wilma for me and 6 days of no power was not fun i’m not complaying but adelphia needs to be gone their no excuse for cable being out longer then 3 days after a storm they can clam that it was the ppower line that made them take so long to fix it and the triffic lights was not working gee i wonder why fpl cant get done faster the only people slower then fpl is the mail man we get our mail 4 pm at night some times we get it at 5 but mostly its 4 pm or 4:30 once in a while 3:30 but rarly but over when adelphia is up they are usuly up for a hole month and a half 99:9 per cent of the time at least in my part of florida any way adelphia just need more tech people just like every bussness they just dont have enough good help and these days who wants to work for pennys no one but what do complay play their emplyies pennys thats also a problem as to way cable goes out and their are lots of mantines going also do to the fcc tells them to do it to so i have been told by them they have told me that some peole hit a poll with their car and when they hit the poll the poll that the cable is on gets cut whatch cold happen with the people down here in florida do not know how to drive on the damn road
over all i’m ok with adelphia i but they should be gone
and adelphia is base in co thro i always thright they ware from phillladelphia pa with the name adelphia
but i guess not
but all of the time i think their telkl you anything to get you off the phone
but really i cant wait for adelphow to be gone they need to go bye bye

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