Forget Be In The Game, How About Let The Game Be In You?

from the talk-about-intrusive dept

It appears that Sony has now patented the concept of beaming sensory info directly into your brain without requiring any kind of invasive surgery or anything (phew!). They claim it could be used in video games either to add in sensory info like smell and taste, but also to provide richer gaming experiences for deaf and blind people. While there is something both fascinating and creepy about this idea, it seems like the sort of thing that would have plenty of uses outside of the video game world — and those might be a bit more impressive than just letting people really jack into a game. Anyway, since patents don’t actually have to be based on something that actually works, this idea is… well… mostly just in someone’s brain.

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Comments on “Forget Be In The Game, How About Let The Game Be In You?”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

Hidden Disabilities

New devices, such as cochlear implants, have given hearing to formerly deaf people. However, people who grew up deaf, or have been deaf for a very long time, find it extremely difficult to make sense of the strange new noises they hear. They are faced with a dilemma, where hearing people will treat them like idiots, because the person can hear others but not understand a word they said. On the other hand, they may feel out of place among deaf people also, with no sensitivity to loud noises.

In coming years, optical implants will pose similar dilemmas for the profoundly blind. There is already a track record of people born blind, who have their sight restored at a later age, but can make no sense of vision.

There are people who have their senses restored, but don’t like it, so have them removed.

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