Shazam Embedded In Motorola Phones

Shazam, one of a few offerings that lets you point your phone at a music source and get back artist and song info, has signed a deal to have their application pre-loaded on a few Motorola phones. It’s a good deal for the company, who has been around for quite some time — though, you still have to wonder how big the market really is. The company is obviously betting on the ability to tie together song recognition with immediate music purchases, but it’s not clear how well that will work. Obviously, not everyone will want to buy. And, for those who do, there’s a limited amount of margin that Shazam can get as a cut of the deal. Becoming yet another middleman in a crowded space isn’t always so easy. Derek: Anyone else noticing that Motorola is really getting into multimedia functionality? Whatever happened to the good old days, pre 2003, when every Moto phone looked like a 1994 Startac?

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