TiVo Begins Its Pop Up Campaign To Advertise During Advertisements

from the fast-forward-through-this! dept

As was announced last year, TiVo has now launched their program to put pop-up ads in your commercials as you’re fast forwarding through them. You can click on the ads to “get more info,” but if you’re fast forwarding through the commercial, it seems like a pretty clear indication that you’re not interested in what’s being advertised. The initial reaction seems quite negative, as many users claim that the ads obscure much of the screen, making it difficult for them to see what the commercial is about in the first place (since many still claim they’ll go back and watch commercials that look interesting) and to figure out when to stop fast forwarding to continue watching the show at hand.

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Comments on “TiVo Begins Its Pop Up Campaign To Advertise During Advertisements”

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1 Comment
Precision Blogger (user link) says:

AMbivalent about TiVo popup ads

We have a TiVo and I’ve seen some of these popups while fast forwarding. So far I’m not annoyed. I know that ocasionally I fast forward past ads I’d actually enjoy seeing, and the popups give me an extra chance to think about whether I skipped something of interest.

In the long run though I’ll probably just be annoyed at having to do an extra click to get rid of them.

I wonder if anyone will come up with a piece of Ad-blocker code that can be downloaded to a TiVo?
– Precision Blogger

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