Intermec Sees Symbol's Revenge Patent Lawsuit, And Piles On Another For Spite

from the why-not? dept

And people thought the idea the idea that companies were getting patents for the sake of nuclear stockpiling was silly? Well, it appears that nuclear war is now breaking out between Symbol and Intermec. Last year, Intermec started the fun by suing a bunch of companies, including Symbol, for supposedly violating some RFID patents. Two weeks ago, Symbol thought it was only fair to sue Intermec over its own WiFi patents. Because no fired shot can go unanswered, the good lawyers at Intermec have now come up with more RFID patents they can sue Symbol over. Or maybe they’re the same ones and they’re suing again. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. All that’s really happening here is that the two sides are wasting a ridiculous amount of money on lawyers and lawsuits — when that money should be going towards new product development and getting products to market. At some point, the two sides will settle and there will be some press release about cross licensing patents and no one will be happy, except for some of the lawyers involved. All of this “innovating” (that’s what patents are for, right?) is going to kill us all — or, at least make a lot of this technology much more expensive.

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