Who Cares If Online Classifieds Are Good Or Bad? They're Here

from the get-used-to-'em dept

Everyone always tries to look at various trends and determine if they’re “good or bad” for an incumbent player. That analysis is usually a bit pointless however. The important question isn’t whether or not a trend is good or bad, but whether it’s going to stick around, and what an incumbent needs to do about it. So, the whole debate as to whether or not Craigslist-style online classified are “good or bad” for newspaper classifieds businesses is missing the point. It’s clear that those online ads aren’t going away. Newspapers simply need to figure out how to adjust.

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Comments on “Who Cares If Online Classifieds Are Good Or Bad? They're Here”

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Foston (user link) says:

online ads

ya know what. In my area you pay $35 to list a $300 item. Its no wonder that things like craigslist and ebay have exploded.

These things are here to stay. With little programming knowledge, some free legal help with the EULA’s and such, a person could set up a free ad service in their area and keep stuff out of the local dump.

Old guard players wont last for long. They are greedy, greedy, greedy…..

Good bye and good riddance.


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