Spamalot Fans Opened Up To Lots Of Spam

from the fun-with-internet-security-holes dept

Fans of the Broadway musical Spamalot (based on an old Monty Python movie) might have been surprised to find out that by signing up on the musical’s website to be on the show’s email list, they also opened themselves up to receiving some spam. Of course, that’s just the catchy hook to make the story interesting. The real story is that Spamalot and some other Broadway shows set up their mailing list software in a way that revealed the names, postal addresses and email addresses of everyone on the list. However, there’s no evidence that any spammers actually got a hold of the list, or that anyone was spamming with it — meaning that the only reason this is worthy of getting attention is because of the amusing connection with the name of the musical. Unfortunately, the reality is that this is just yet another story of an organization having weak security in place to protect the info of customers.

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