P-Diddy: The MVNO For Sheeple

from the so-that's-how-it-works... dept

MocoNews has a recording and loose transcription of P Diddy’s speech at today’s CTIA show in New Orleans, where he declares that he is an MVNO (mobile virtual network operator, like Virgin Mobile, offering mobile phone service without owning or maintaining the network). While the statement seems a bit out of place — as he isn’t actually an MVNO (yet), it sounds like what he’s trying to say is that people are really sheeple, and they need someone like P Diddy to show them how to find the content they want. In other words, the point of an MVNO isn’t necessarily to find niches (what others have claimed) but to guide the people into buying what you tell them they should buy. Interesting idea. Seems sort of the opposite of what most people consider the way the content business is actually moving these days, where content producers are realizing that you can’t just tell people what it is they should buy, watch, listen to or wear — but that they can increasingly fend for themselves out there in consumer-land.

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