Symbol Sees Intermec's RFID Patents And Raises With Their Own WiFi Patents

from the payup-everyone dept

Last year, after lots and lots of legal fees, Symbol won its case against Proxim concerning the use of Symbol patents in WiFi. So, it should come as no surprise that Symbol is taking that win and going after other technology providers. Of course, what’s amusing (ironic?) in this case, is that the company Symbol is suing is Intermec. What’s so amusing about that? That’s the same Intermec that has been suing everyone for violating their RFID patents. Among the companies Intermec has sued? You guessed it: Symbol. And you wonder why people say that getting tech patents these days is really just a game of nuclear stockpiling? This has absolutely nothing to do with promoting innovation, and everything to do with some intellectual property lawyers getting big fat checks.

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