Fake Anti-Spyware Company That Didn't Clean Up Non-Existent Spyware Shut Down

from the follow-that? dept

Someone claiming to sell anti-spyware software advertised the product by the popular scam trick of using pop-up ads pretending to have “discovered” spyware on your computer. He also sent spam telling people that spyware was discovered on their computers. To top it all off, on the website for the product, it would do a “free scan” that would always find some non-existent spyware to make sure you bought the product. The actual software, of course, didn’t actually remove anything. The FTC has now shut the business down. Of course, you wonder, since the scan always claimed you had spyware, how many people bought the product (which appears to have done nothing), and then returned to the site to do another scan showing that the same non-existent spyware was still on their computers? If you’re going to offer bogus anti-spyware offerings designed to clean up bogus spyware, shouldn’t it at least pretend to have gotten rid of the bogus spyware you lied to people about in the first place?

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