USA Today Realizes That Kids Don't Listen To The Radio Any More

from the shocker dept

USA Today has realized that the way people find out about new music has changed. It appears they’re a bit late to figuring this out, but to their credit, they still beat the recording industry. What they’ve really discovered is the whole long tail phenomenon, though they don’t actually mention that. Basically, they point out the internet, beyond file sharing, has created large communities of people designed to help them find new music they like — and that they seem to congregate around niche areas that the recording industry has traditionally neglected. This is the entire point of the long tail — and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. However, the recording industry still is confused, and still thinks they can control what people listen to. Once again, though, just like with the news business, the real trick is in getting others to spread the word for you.

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