Bell Canada Invades The US With VoIP, AOL Jumps On The Bandwagon Too

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Well, apparently technical difficulties and lack of consumer interest won’t stop plenty of others from piling on to VoIP bandwagon. With the VON conference going on, it’s not surprising to see plenty of new announcements, but there are a couple of interesting ones. AOL, as expected, is now going to start offering a VoIP offering to compete with Vonage, CallVantage and others. However, what’s silly about this is that despite all the talk about how AOL and Time Warner were finally working together, this is another example of how that’s all just talk. Time Warner has actually been one of the fastest growing VoIP providers lately. But, now, they’ll be competing with their own company offering a competitive VoIP offering. Brilliant. Meanwhile, it looks like foreign telcos now view VoIP as their way to enter the US market. Bell Canada has signed a deal with massively hyped-up wireless ISP Clearwire to supply all of their VoIP service in the US. That’s right. Bell Canada will be supplying VoIP for Clearwire in the US.

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