Advertise-On-My-Pregnant-Belly Woman Stiffs Auction Winner

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In the last month or so, there’s been a tremendous number of folks trying to cash in on the various silly eBay auctions to advertise the winner on some body part (including, but not limited to, forehead, neck, cleavage and pregnant belly). As for the pregnant belly woman, her auction was won (as so many of these novelty auctions are) by a casino. However, that casino is now pissed off and threatening to sue after the woman changed her mind, and apparently agreed to offer up her belly to someone else — who didn’t win the auction. Who would have thought that people with nothing better to do than to sell their body parts for advertising might flake out when it came time to actually do the advertising? Of course, the more cynical among you (you know who you are!) are going to suggest that by threatening this lawsuit, the casino in question is actually going to end up getting a lot more attention than if they’d actually just gone through with painting their name on some random woman’s stomach. So maybe it works out for everyone.

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Comments on “Advertise-On-My-Pregnant-Belly Woman Stiffs Auction Winner”

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drteknikal (profile) says:

Get a temporary restraining order

The casino should file a motion for a temporary restraining order that prohibits the woman from delivering her baby until the case has been resolved and the casino ad has run for the fully contracted term.

If they win the suit and she’s no longer pregnant, that’s also actionable. Should she deliver before the ad has run for the contracted period, she could be sued for breech of contract.

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