3GSM Wrap-Up: Bluetooth Everywhere

While CSR, a major Bluetooth silicon vendor, announced a bad quarter for chip sales, you would hardly have know it here at 3GSM. Almost every phone, PDA, and numerous accessories were equipped with Bluetooth. Bluetooth was not the point of anyone’s demo, it was just there. It was used to link devices for mobile data demonstrations, shown as a way to move photos in the Kodak booth, or just used to talk over the ubiquitous headsets that graced the industry’s glitterati (the Euro-telco types are much more fashionable than us mere North Americans!) Some practical geeks could be seen happily talking over Skype from their laptops using WiFi to backhaul a Bluetooth headset. Seeing Bluetooth as a fait accompli, as it is in the EU, makes it seem all the more odd how little exposure we have to it in US handsets – and how the Bluetooth is crippled when we do get it.

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