RFID Tracking Company Pulls Out Of Deal To Provide Tags To School

from the too-much-controversy? dept

While the debate was still going concerning whether or not a school should force all students to wear RFID-enabled badges, it appears that the company providing the badges felt the spotlight was shining a little too brightly on them. They’ve canceled the deal with the school, no matter what the school decides to do. Of course, it’s likely the school will be able to find another provider pretty quickly and the debate will continue.

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Comments on “RFID Tracking Company Pulls Out Of Deal To Provide Tags To School”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

When will it happen?

Over in Japan, there was a mini-Columbine massacre on Valentine’s day, when a 17-year-old stabbed 3 teachers at an elementary school. He was upset because they didn’t stop other kids from bullying hime when he went there.

In the wake of the incident, another sicko put up a web site congratulating the killer. The site, updated since the incident, singles out children of police officers, and also shows images of dogs and cats with their stomachs cut open. The site lists an e-mail address for recruits to contact, saying that “fakes only talk about it, but this is real action.” The e-mail address requests recruits to describe the age of children they are aroused by, whether they have killed dogs or cats before, whether they do drugs, whether they have a criminal record, and how many children they are currently stalking. It’s thought that the killer might have posted to the site before the incident.

Although Japanese police shut down the web site, the site’s Google cache is

So how long will it be before the internet brings together sickos who stage an organized assault to kill hundreds of schoolchildren? Will it be a boon or bust for RFID technologies? Should teachers wear badges too?

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