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Blackberries Banned In Parliament

from the wrong-solution... dept

In something of a followup to our post about tech-clueless British politicians, it appears that they’re now responding in exactly the wrong way to one of the blunders described in that story. Apparently, a political spin-meister was caught earlier this week accidentally sending the wrong email to the wrong person — a somewhat common mistake, actually. In this case, it was an expletive filled email about the BBC… that got sent to the BBC. Of course, instead of recognizing that perhaps these politicians need to learn a bit more about how to email — and especially how to email from Blackberry devices, British MPs are being told they can no longer use Blackberries in the Commons. You have to wonder how banning the use of a particular technology is going to make politicians any more proficient at using it.

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Comments on “Blackberries Banned In Parliament”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

Actually, this isn’t bad. The comments above make it sound like the devices were banned to cover political butts. Actually, the devices were banned because the politicians were too busy goofing with them to actually pay attention to debates and do their jobs. The same thing was happening with cell phones.

It’s a good idea to expect elected leaders to actually pay attention on the job. After all, the tax payers are paying their salaries and have to put up with whatever laws they pass.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

The NAIL the assholes who abuse the blackberries & stop outlawing eyerything due to a few incompetant rude users.

Everysome is so scared of offending anyone these days that instead of confronting the offenders, we just blindly take away more & more rights across the board, therby allowing no one to learn ettiqutte or how to think for theselves

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