French Music Sharer Fined, Musicians Ask The Industry To Stop Suing

from the it's-not-like-they-see-the-money-anyway dept

While most of the cases where people accused of file sharing end in quiet settlements, over in France, a man has been fined over 10,000 euros for sharing about 10,000 songs. Of course, you may wonder whether or not the musicians whose music he shared will see any of the money. It certainly sounds like they don’t think so, as a bunch of musicians have signed a petition begging the recording industry to stop suing people who are just downloading music to listen to in their homes. Of course, the recording industry could (and maybe should…) respond that they’re not suing downloaders so much as they’re suing uploaders. Either way, as more musicians seem to be recognizing that unauthorized distribution is actually good for them, the claims from the recording industry that they’re doing this to protect musicians is looking increasingly weak.

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