Lack Of Choppyness Is Mobile Videos Selling Point?

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While it was announced weeks ago, Verizon Wireless has finally launched their VCAST 3G streaming video content. It’s still not at all clear that there’s any real demand for streaming mobile broadcast style video. While it’s probably a “nice to have,” it’s hardly a strong motivator. People still buy mobile phones to communicate — not to consumer broadcast style video. Especially when they’re on the go. While it does have a nice novelty factor, that’s not the same as a sustainable business. On top of this, it looks like Verizon Wireless is already selling this based on the fact that, you know, it doesn’t actually suck, rather than what it’s useful for. As pointed out by Broadband Reports, the first thing a Verizon Wireless product manager said when asked about the offering is: “it’s not choppy.” Well, there’s a strong selling point.

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Comments on “Lack Of Choppyness Is Mobile Videos Selling Point?”

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Mike (profile) says:

Re: Suitable for mobile porn?

Even mobile porn seems like a questionable market to me. First, you have the tiny screen issue… but more importantly, most people using mobile phones to view video will do so when they’re out in the public, where mobile porn won’t be particularly acceptable. You don’t see too many people riding the train/bus to work while reading porn magazines, do you?

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