WiMax Telecom Might Ditch WiMax

This one goes into the “unfortunate choice of names” department. As various companies are recognizing that WiMax may not be all that it’s been hyped up to be, a few are finally recognizing that there are other options out there — and some of them are much further along than WiMax. In fact, a company named WiMax Telecom has decided that, while they’ll be running a trial with some “pre-WiMax” (read: not WiMax) equipment, they would also like to run a trial using UMTS TDD technology (which is standardized already and does work already — and, since people seem to not realize this: is not WiMax). If they eventually chose TDD, would they change their name?

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Comments on “WiMax Telecom Might Ditch WiMax”

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1 Comment
alaric says:


WiMAX does not offer any improvement over WCDMA in spectral efficiency in a loaded network.

WiMAX might not suffer from the cell breathing as WCDMA does and hence offer easier cell planning but WiMAX has its own interference issues and its not mobile at all.

That tiny operators are seeing through the WiMAX hype should be a concern. The major mobile carriers see through hype a lot quicker and WiMAX needs major contracts if its going to be a factor

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