You Can Search, But Not Shop, In South Africa

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Apparently, people in South Africa are getting annoyed that they can’t use PayPal. The article linked here points out that Google now supports four different languages in South Africa, but PayPal (owned by eBay) refuses to handle payments from the country (despite having a South African co-founder — who no longer works at the company). What’s most interesting, however, is how “PayPal” is being looked upon as sort of a worldwide currency exchange system. The complaints seem to focus on the inability to buy something on eBay, where the seller asks to be paid via PayPal. It wasn’t that long ago that the idea that you could sell some product from your home and have someone else buy it easily in South Africa (well, apparently, not South Africa yet…) would have seemed like a big deal. But, in some sense, in the places where PayPal does work, it’s made international transactions easier. That’s clearly evident by the anger people in other countries feel about not having access to this transaction system. The fact that PayPal (even on a small scale) is making it easier to buy and sell goods internationally, is something that hasn’t received that much attention.

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