There's No Proof, But, Um, Kids Shouldn't Use Mobile Phones

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It seems that every few months we read reports saying that younger and younger kids are using mobile phones, and that has some people quite worried. A warning is going out, saying that young children shouldn’t be exposed to mobile phones… but there’s no reason given why. While “better safe than sorry” is a reasonable rationale for some, it doesn’t seem all that convincing in this context. Basically, some researchers are saying that there’s simply no evidence that mobile phones cause any harm, but, you know, just in case, keep them away from kids. The premise that more research needs to be done makes sense, but why raise such a big stink over something where there’s simply no evidence one way or the other (or, actually, so much contradictory evidence that it’s tough to make heads or tails of any of it)?

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Comments on “There's No Proof, But, Um, Kids Shouldn't Use Mobile Phones”

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Gungla Boy says:

A few words about 'no evidence'

Lead Paint.
Leaded gas.
Asprin for children (Rhyes Syndrome).
All these things appeared quite safe initially and were touted as harmless. A little research and time shows differently.
When it comes to children’s health and brain development, an overabundance of caution is definitely a good thing.

Mikester says:

Re: A few words about 'no evidence'

Exactly. We have no idea what the long term effects are for those of us who are exposed daily to computers, cell phones, big screen TVs and other technologies.Hopefully William Gibson was wrong and will not end up being prophetic. Although (in some opinions) Johnny Mnemonic was a terrible movie, it has a strong message which has largely gone ignored.
In the movie, NAS (nerve attenuation syndrome), a.k.a. the black shakes, is caused by technology overload.I suppose we’ll all find out within the next 20 years, but by then, it will be too late.

bob says:

Yes there is evidence!

…Dude there is a ton of evidence why kids shouldn’t be allowed phones. They get distracted in class, play games and watch videos in class, cyber bully, take photos of things that invade others privacy. They can text each other in tests or exams for answers. Mate, how stupid are you!!!
Next time think about it first.

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