Using Technology To Do The Wave For You

from the we-can't-even-stand-up-any-more? dept

If there ever were a story made for the “Too Much Free Time” category, this one is probably it. A year in the making, yesterday was the unveiling of the very first SMSWave. If you’re a sports fan, you’re probably familiar with “The Wave” whether you like it or consider it to be ruining the sport (there are some who feel that way). This is where everyone in the stands is so bored by what’s happening on the field that they stand up and sit down one after another in a pattern that makes it look like there’s a wave going through the stands. Well, apparently that wasn’t good enough for some people, who decided to update The Wave for the digital, mobile age. They set up a system where fans SMS their seat location to a specific phone number. The system then calculates where everyone is, and sets off their phones flashing and making noise in a pattern to make a similar wave effect in mobile phone noise and sound. Sounds lovely, right? Even better, they’ve now patented the idea, so don’t go around trying to copy it yourself. Please. We’ll all be better off.

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