MP3 Players Aren't Just For Kids; In Fact They're Barely For Kids

from the rethinking-the-general-consensus dept

The common bit of wisdom is that MP3s are a young person’s technology. It’s the teens and the folks just coming out of college that are the MP3 generation, after all, so they’d be the most likely to own an MP3 player, right? Not at all, apparently. A new study says that 90% of MP3 player owners over 34 years old. While this may have something to do with the high price of many of the best MP3 players, the numbers still don’t seem right. It would be interesting to see the methodology behind this study. That’s not to say that those over 34 aren’t likely to own an MP3 player, but it’s hard to believe that 90% of MP3 players go to those 35 and older.

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Comments on “MP3 Players Aren't Just For Kids; In Fact They're Barely For Kids”

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RJD says:


Okay, I’m one of the 35 or older crowd who owns that high cost MP3 player. And it kinda makes sense. I don’t really find much on the radio these days I care to listen to so having 10000+ songs with me I know I enjoy makes sense if I’m going to include music in my day. When I was younger, finding music on the radio wasn’t terribly hard so why would I have wanted to invest in a high end MP3 player when a low end with FM radio capability would probably be the smarter buy.

Cigar Jack (user link) says:

A few reasons I think this is true.

How many of these were bought as gifts for teens/college kids by parents? As stated above the newer music isn’t as appealing to people over 35. Heck I’m 27 and I hardly listen to it. Instead of getting an MP3 player I purchased a XM Radio. Also you can purchase Audio books in mp3 format and also the 35 and over crowd is more heal concious and more apt to work out so that probably also drives the purchase of an MP3 player.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: I don't believe it

Yeah, I don’t believe it either. From my personal straw poll (people I’ve seen with mp3 players in public) I’d say the 90-10 split goes the other way. Also, the high price argument doesn’t wash because, although the iPod gets all the press, I’ve only ever seen one, whereas I’ve seen dozens of USB thumbdrives.

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