Ok, Forget It. Maybe Kids Are Logging Out On Tech Altogether

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Last week, we had a story saying kids in Korea were ditching email for SMS. Yesterday we had a story saying kids in Australia were ditching both email and SMS for the old fashioned telephone — though, that was later adjusted with another study saying exactly the opposite. And, now, we have another article saying that young people are getting stressed out by technology and logging off completely in order to stay sane. Of course, as you might expect, this comes along with a number of quotes from psychologists talking about various studies they’ve done on the importance of logging off to avoid stress. For some reason, every story that talks about the importance of disconnecting is tied to an announcement by some psychologist who just happens to be making a ton of money off of parents who are afraid their kids are somehow “addicted” to the internet. Obviously, it’s important not to go overboard with internet usage, but most of these stories give no real evidence, other than a few anecdotal stories (often interpreted by a psychologist) about how damaging an internet connection was for one person under specific circumstances.

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