Kids In Australia Going Back To The Old Telephone

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Just last week we were saying that kids in Korea were ditching email for SMS and instant messaging, even to the point where they implied that email was just for old folks. However, their counterparts in Australia apparently feel that both SMS and email aren’t right for them. Instead, they’re going back to the more “antiquated” telephone which they feel lets them build stronger relationships. They admit that email and SMS messaging lets them remain friendly with more people — but that the relationships aren’t as close. It would be interesting to see the methodology on both studies, as it sounds like both were simply done by asking people how much they used these technologies — rather than actually tracking how they’re used. Either way, both reflect that the younger generation certainly isn’t tied down to any one particular way of communicating, and are open to using whichever one makes the most sense for what they want to do at that moment. Update: Ah, but maybe not. Apparently another study last week in Australia said pretty much the opposite — that kids were much more interested in SMSing than in talking by phone. Just goes to show you how much faith to put in these types of studies.

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Comments on “Kids In Australia Going Back To The Old Telephone”

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daspez says:

1 2 3 Here we go!...

Oh well what’s going to be next!. We will all be going back to horse and cart and removing every piece of technology that exists in Australia. Our Howard Government is pushing the “non technology” angle in every sense of the word (not to mention the media), grinding the tech sector into dust and forcing us all back to the core labouring force…

dorpus says:

What about mass crimes?

We’ve had reports of cyber-bullying by SMS among kids, and mass suicide clubs in Japan, but what if we have a new flash mob-like phenomenon of team serial killers who met up by the net? According to this article, they’ve found the hair of more than one person on the body of a girl who was abducted and killed a couple of weeks ago (mentioned on techdirt). There had been talk on the internet of committing a similar crime in the few days before the crime.

If this turns out to be the case, it would turn upside down all the sociological theories about lone serial killers.

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