Musicians Not A Fan Of RIAA Legal Tactics

from the suing-in-whose-name? dept

While everyone knows that the RIAA’s job is to watch out for the recording industry and not musicians, they always talk about how they’re protecting musicians. Well, increasingly, it looks like those musicians don’t want that protection. Most musicians simply don’t agree with the RIAA’s efforts to sue file sharers, and would prefer that the industry learn to embrace the internet. While some obviously have concerns about file sharing, the vast majority feel that it’s about time the industry embraces the internet, and realizes that it offers up more opportunities to make money.

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Comments on “Musicians Not A Fan Of RIAA Legal Tactics”

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1 Comment
jeremiah (user link) says:

RIAA sux

One aspect of this that continues to fascinate me is how my peers in the business seem either blindly ignorant of RIAA’s behavior in this regard, or they’re casually dismissive of RIAA’s actions and the impact of the net at large.

From the perspective of people who spend most of their time actually practising their art and not so much time posting comments to “not high-traffic” sites run on late 90’s software (cough! dorpus! cough!), it makes sense they would have little knowledge or consideration of the opinions of netizens.

I think it’s high time I abuse my privelages of access to some of these folks, and maybe publish a series of interviews focused on copyright, the internets, etc.

Yeah, I think it is.

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