Dvorak's WiFi Confusion

We’re all for less public confusion in the wireless technologies space, but John Dvorak isn’t doing anyone any favors with his latest column trashing the WiFi space for being too confusing for him to understand. Part of the problem, as you read through the article, is that it’s clear he hasn’t bothered to do any kind of research and simply assumes he knows what he’s talking about. We agree that many vendors are rushing to put out faster WiFi equipment when most end-users don’t currently need the speed — but that doesn’t mean the WiFi world is a mess in the way he describes. It appears that he’s learned just enough to be dangerous. That is, the average consumer is never going to realize what he’s talking about because they’re never going to see the inner details he’s describing. The more technically savvy person might, but they’ll at least dig a little deeper to figure it out. So, Dvorak basically is the worst kind of commentator, learning just enough to know more than your average user, but not enough to understand what’s really going on.

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