Vodafone Finally Goes 3G In The UK

It took some time, but Vodafone has now launched their mass market 3G service in the UK… just in time for the holiday season. The company had already launched 3G elsewhere in Europe and offered datacards in the UK, but is finally going all out. This, of course, comes quite a bit later than Vodafone ever expected, as the company spent heavily and expected to have a full 3G launch years ago. So, while there’s nothing particularly surprising about the launch, it’s a good reminder that things always tend to take longer than expected in the wireless industry. Update: Well, well, well… it looks like Vodafone’s idea of how to attract customers to this new service is to offer a music download service for phones that has a miniscule selection (3,000 songs), a huge price ($2.75/song) and no possible reason why someone would want to get a song that way, rather than transferring a song they already own to their phone. Sounds like a perfect plan for getting nowhere.

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