Someone's Shooting At Me! Where's The ALT Key?!?

from the whooops dept

Remember that “new” government SAP system that made people go through fifteen steps to save a document? Well, at least that was just a nuisance, but didn’t put anyone’s life at risk. Police in San Jose, California are complaining about their new police car computers that require too many steps to “call for assistance” in an emergency — among other problems. The basic issue seems to be that San Jose went with off-the-shelf Windows-based tools (yes, it goes without saying that it crashed, big time), and no one bothered to actually ask the cops who would be using the system how they used their existing systems, and whether or not the design made sense. As for the “call for assistance” issue, originally it was easy — too easy. Apparently, too many people were calling in with false alarms for assistance, so they made it more difficult. That’s just dandy until you’re the cop who needs assistance now and don’t want to go hunting for the “alt” key. Next thing you know, they’ll join with the cops in Philly complaining about adware in the cruisers.

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