Mobile Music To Come With Copy Protection Attached

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Apparently, a group of companies got together last week to discuss ways to get more music on mobile phones — and a good portion of that meeting focused on how to put copy protection on phones. Notice that there was no one representing the consumer at these meetings. Copy protection is not a feature. It’s the opposite of that. It takes away a feature for users. It’s both expensive and ineffective for those who use it. The only people who benefit from copy protection are those who sell copy protection technologies — and yet, many people in the industry seem to think it’s a necessity. Of course, what will happen instead is that people will simply route around these crippled mobile music systems, and figure out ways to get uncrippled music on their phones… and all these scheming companies will be cut out of the process entirely.

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Comments on “Mobile Music To Come With Copy Protection Attached”

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Phone Boy says:

You are forgetting about one thing...

You seem to forget about one thing…WHO in their right mind wants to listen to music on a Cell phone?

STOP merging all these foolish, cash hemorraging ideas into single products.

It used to be, I lost my phone…bummer…I am out $50

Now it is I lost my phone/palmpilot/portable music player/jukebox/wireless device/game device….bummer…I am out $799 !!

By the way, most new music sux anyway, except for the electronic/techno world.

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