Proactively Stopping WiFi In The Office

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While many offices are trying to figure out how they’re going to fit WiFi into the office space securely, it appears that one building in the UK has gone in the absolute opposite direction. They’ve installed what sounds like a complex and expensive system to make sure there’s no WiFi anywhere in the building. It’s the News International building (publishers of a variety of UK newspapers) where they’re afraid of what might happen if, you know, people communicated with each other. Yes, there are certainly legitimate reasons to try to stop rogue WiFi networks, but WiFi can be configured securely, so it just makes you wonder why their so afraid of what might happen if people could connect wirelessly. Many offices have realized that it helps increase productivity, but apparently that would be a bad thing in the news business.

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Comments on “Proactively Stopping WiFi In The Office”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

I've seen worse...

The building I work in and all the other buildings belonging to my employing company have been wired up for WiFi – we have access point every so many yards, etc., but they haven’t turned them on yet nor distributed the WiFi cards to go with them yet.

This in itself wouldn’t be all too surprising if this was a recent development, but the equipment has been in place for over three years now (and already been upgraded once!) but still has yet to be used because they can’t decide if it’s actually secure enough or not…

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