Convergence: It's Not Just A Trend, It's A Lifestyle

from the so-that's-what's-next dept

For years, we’ve been hearing all these stories about convergence, and how your home was going to have a digital hub that connected your computer to your TV to your fridge to your bathtub to your bookshelf to make sure that anything that could ever possibly need an internet connection could have one. While most of the efforts to do such things haven’t gone very far, it seems that enough is now happening in that space to make it a lifestyle of sorts — so here come the magazines devoted to the converged digital lifestyle. Rather than just being a traditional techie magazine, this new Ziff-Davis publication, Sync, is apparently set up to write “about stuff you don’t yet know that you want.” Add this on top of the successes of the Gizmodos and Engadgets of the world, and it looks like the next generation of techie publishing is focused less on “tech” and more on “the digital lifestyle” — with a major push towards pushing you to purchase.

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