US Makes Downloads Illegal In Singapore

from the RIAA-making-laws dept

Graham writes “In Singapore, it will now be a crime to download music, movies and computer programs (Bugmenot required). This is a change from the usual ‘crime’ of file-sharing. The thing that I thought was really interesting about this is that “The change was inevitable as it was required under the US-Singapore Free Trade Agreement, said Mr Lau Kok Keng, head of intellectual property, technology, entertainment and communications practice at law firm Rajah and Tann.” So, it sounds like the RIAA and MPAA are fighting their battles overseas through Free Trade Agreements rather than suing kids overseas… I’ve not had a chance to research this elsewhere to see if it is really downloading that will be the fine but the story was pretty clear that it is.” Here’s another version of the story that (at this moment) doesn’t appear to need registration. As pointed out, in most other places, the issue is about uploading (sharing of files) rather than downloading. So, even if this is forced by a US trade agreement, it sets up tougher laws than in the US. The law does indicate they’ll only go after “commercial scale” downloading, but they don’t indicate exactly what that is, and it must be tough to determine, since any “commercial” downloader who intends to sell the stuff he or she downloads is going to look an awful lot like a normal downloader. Also, it’s unclear how they determine who’s actually “downloading.” It’s not hard to figure out who’s offering files to share, but figuring out who’s actually doing the downloading is a bit trickier.

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Comments on “US Makes Downloads Illegal In Singapore”

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Chris Wuestefeld says:

No Subject Given

Somewhat tangentially, this reveals either dishonesty on the part of our politicians, or doublethink on the part of the citizens.

Specifically, if something requires *additional* regulation (in this case, in the form of IP controls), then how can it be termed “free trade”.

This seems like “trade that’s restricted in ways that are more favorable to us”.

cuteeirika says:

I guess so, since a lot of forum readers have actually replied that the law was made to turn the favor to US and copyrighted companies so that they may earn lots more money. Also, lots of Singaporeans are downloading for their own personal use but some people said that the police were too free so the government made them catch illegal downloaders which includes many Singaporeans. Moreover, many of the Singaporeans actually oppose to this so called term “free trade” as it requires them to pay a lot more money just to download music and etc.

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