Can We Please Be Seated In The Non Calling Section?

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I happen to spend most of my time these days in states that don’t allow smoking in restaurants, so the days of asking to be seated in the “non-smoking section” seems quite old (though, I almost always forget when I in places where smoking is allowed). However, to replace that, we may now have the equivalent for mobile phones. People have talked about this for a while, but a restaurant has officially added a no-cell-phone area. Diners can request either area. For those in the no-cell-phone area, if they receive a call, they are expected to go outside. While the idea may sound appealing, it still seems strange to me that anyone, when receiving a phone call in a restaurant, wouldn’t go outside automatically. It just seems like the natural thing to do. Of course, it appears that many people don’t subscribe to that bit of common courtesy. Back when I remember going to restaurants that allowed smoking, you could tell you were in the smoking section if there was an ashtray on the table. Maybe that will be replaced by a universal mobile phone charger.

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Comments on “Can We Please Be Seated In The Non Calling Section?”

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wetkarma says:

common courtesy

Why is it common courtesy not to use cell phones when dining? Presumably if you have a dining partner you are talking to them, so what is the difference in talking on a cell phone?

Is it the fact that people overhearing the conversation can make no sense of it?

I understand that the ringing of a phone can interrupt a pleasurable experience, but what is objectionable to talking on one?

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: common courtesy

The problem with cellphones is that for whatever reason, people don’t talk in their normal voice. They talk REALLY LOUD. Maybe its because they aren’t getting any visual feedback from the person they’re talking to. Or maybe their phone sucks. Regardless, people on cellphones are more annoying, and in lieu of teaching them all how to be less annoying, it’s easier to just ghettoize them.

TJ says:

Comfort sounds

There was an item months back about VoIP phones needing to add so-called “comfort sounds” like dial-tones and background noise to approximate the old land line experience. I never catch myself talking loud on a land line, but I do on the cell. The difference I’ve noticed (with my phones and providers): While a land line consistently feeds some of your own voice into the local speaker so that you hear yourself in that ear (and most real phones still cup that ear to cut background noise), some cells have intermittent cutouts of that feedback which can make the talker think the other person isn’t hearing them well, and phones are so tiny that background noise fills that ear too. Just my opinion, but improved auditory feedback and methods of isolated background noise (earpiece, headset, etc.) might lead to quieter cell talkers.

Until a solution is found it only seems appropriate to find ways to separate active cell phone users in peaceful settings. However, it has been a few years since I’ve been in a restaurant that wasn’t very unpeaceful with just the volume of so many people just talking face-to-face.

Dan Neuman says:

Re: Comfort sounds

I fully agree. Side-tone, hearing your voice back in the ear-piece, is important to your perception of the quality of the call. I think that cell-phone manufacturers are either not providing side-tone, or not making it loud enough. If it was louder, it would hurt your ear to shout in the phone, so you’d talk quieter.

Anyone want to do a survey of cell-phones?

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