Canadians Have Faith In Medical Technology, Even If They Don't Understand It

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A new study, sponsored by medical equipment maker Philips (bias? hmm…) says that Canadians feel healthy and, generally, believe that technology has improved medical treatment, though they don’t fully understand how or why it works, saying it’s too complex. The wording of the article is a bit strange, because they seem to shift back and forth between medical technology and personal technology — two very different things. For the most part, there’s probably very few reasons for people to have a detailed understanding of how medical technology products work, so it shouldn’t really matter. At the same time, it’s not entirely clear what personal technology products have to do with improving one’s health.

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Comments on “Canadians Have Faith In Medical Technology, Even If They Don't Understand It”

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thecaptain says:

No Subject Given

“Personal Technology” has little direct impact on health in our medical system in and of itself. The benefit is peripheral, more on the administrative side.
I work as a systems analyst for a large canadian health center and a lot of improvements in that sort of technology goes into the infrastructure that allows efficient workflow, less wasted effort/materials and more accurate reporting of what goes where and for how much. Every penny counts as budgets do get cut, so the more efficient and accurate we can be in helping administering the hospitals, the better the patient experience will be.
A good example are the PDAs that have been implemented to facilitate stocking the wards, cutting that work effort down dramatically.

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