Justice Department Asks To Become Subsidiary To The Entertainment Industry

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As was suggested last week, John Ashcroft has now put out a report talking about how the Department of Justice wants to deal with intellectual property issues and it basically reads like a dream list for the entertainment industry. Basically, they want both the Induce Act and the Pirate Act, as well as “more spending, more FBI agents and more power for prosecutors.” Yes, that’s right, rather than spend on real problems, like stopping terrorists, they want more cash to stop kids from letting a friend hear a song they might like. They apparently feel they need more power to stop casual sharing, defending an increasingly obsolete business model for a single industry who doesn’t want to change with the times or fight their own legal battles alone. As was suggested last week, they’re viewing the “war” against file sharing in a similar light to the war against drugs and corruption — and it’s likely to have about the same level of success. As a lobbyist for Kazaa (bias, noted) says: “They could be proposing here the greatest mass criminalization of conduct by otherwise law-abiding citizens since Prohibition.” You get the feeling that, as law enforcement, the Justice Department feels they’re better off if more people are breaking laws, because it gives them more to do — even if there’s simply no real reason they should be involved.

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Comments on “Justice Department Asks To Become Subsidiary To The Entertainment Industry”

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Pirate Boy says:

Re: A bigger issue

Piracy of music only generates money if people BUY the music.

If they are using file sharing networks, no money exchanges hands.

If terrorists are financing the creation and distribution of phoney CD’s / Movies etc…well that is one way to make money. But even they would feel the pinch of people just going online and getting what they want.

I say screw the whole music industry. Stop buying music, period. I am sure we all have enough music already to keep us all entertainted for the next couple of years.

thecaptain says:

Re: Re: A bigger issue

Pirate Boy is right.

P2P does not generate profits vis piracy (well maybe ad-ware and such).

The Entertainment industry would LOVE to have you believe (along with Ashcroft) that they are doing it to “fight terrorism”, and unfortunately that line seems to hook the fish (ie: the sheep, the gov) hook, line and sinker. However, what they REALLY want to stop is Joe Sixpack from humming a tune without paying royalties (or for now, using P2P)…they couldn’t give rat’s behind for stopping terrorists right now.

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: A bigger issue

you got to be kidding…

Deep in the caves of Afghaniraq Joe-Bin Ladin is plotting, “Even though there’s ample poppy for me to refine, I’m gonna sell burnt copies of Aaron Carter to help support our cultural revolution”

“Together, brothers, We strike a blow at the heart of American captiolism. The corrupt music industry. We shall liberate the music of the oppressed so that NO artist should be forced to live under the yoke of their Imperialistic tormentors. Praise Allah!”

hehehehe Terrorist Pirates “Arrrrsalam alakum!”


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