To Induce Or Not To Induce?

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If you’ve been reading Ernest Miller’s The Importance Of… site this week, you’d have the inside scoop on just how Senator Hatch is working to get this bill passed. Staying true to his original statements about how even if the bill is bad for everyone, he still wants to pass it, he apparently gathered a number of people on all sides of the bill to try to work out a compromise. However, it looks like no agreement could be reached, and now some have been wondering if Hatch was going to try to push through a version anyway. For right now, Miller’s source suggests that Hatch is going to take the Induce Act off the agenda for today, but that it will almost definitely show up again some time soon.

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Comments on “To Induce Or Not To Induce?”

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1 Comment
Brian Shock (profile) says:

No Subject Given

Obviously Mr. Hatch is only the front man for the INDUCE offensive. The driving forces are behind the scene, if only just. I strongly suspect that these forces won’t relent, though they will almost certainly drop the INDUCE line of attack. The standard strategy would to break up the major points of this legislation and salt the pieces into other bills. We need to keep our eyes open for quite some time.

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