Hackers Watching Your Photocopying Activities

from the odd dept

Not having been in the market for a photocopying machine in quite some time, I wasn’t aware that there were network connected copying machines, but it’s not at all surprising. Still, that doesn’t necessarily explain why anyone would ever reveal the information necessary to log into such machines on a public website where Google would snap it up allowing hackers to sit back and watch what you’re photocopying. Besides, isn’t this a bit of a misnomer? Photocopying shouldn’t have to have anything to do with the network. It’s scanning and printing that would make sense for a network — but perhaps that’s all just semantics. Still, it seems like a fairly specific hack to go searching for accidentally revealed photocopier login information and to sit back hoping someone photocopies something important.

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Comments on “Hackers Watching Your Photocopying Activities”

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Armin (user link) says:

Networked printers and photocopiers

I’m guessing here, but I suspect what they are talking about are these “new” (we’ve had them for several years now, I think Xerox makes them) copy machines that double as printers. Instead of two machines you only need one, at least theoretically saving you money. To function as printers they obviously need to be connected to the network.

What I don’t understand is how they can see what you’re copying, as I assume nothing is processed via a network.

In any case, that they can see what you’re copying might be the least of your worries, as when they get so far they must also have access to your network…

Paul (user link) says:

Re: Networked printers and photocopiers

The newer machines scan and store items in their memory in order to print. In fact, the one we have in our office can hold items in a personal box until I walk over and print it.

This machine also holds a digital image of all items sent to it and scanned (when you copy items). If that machine is connected to a network and not behind a firewall, it is most certainly open to anyone who can figure out its network address and if they know the right commands, pull down the entire memory of the machine.

The manufacturers of these machines need to make sure people are aware of this. From there, it is the organization/person’s responsibility.

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