Lawsuit Against Spam Blacklist Heading To Court

from the legal-battles dept

We’ve written plenty of times in the past about how various spam blacklists are causing all sorts of problems by putting sites on their list (including Techdirt) that obviously haven’t been spamming. However, as bad as being blacklisted is (and we keep getting blacklisted by Outblaze for no clear reason) should someone be able to sue for it? As far as I’m concerned, it’s the problem of whoever decided to set up such an obviously bad spam filter and then rely on it to completely block, without review, all messages that were checked off as spam. However, others take it a step further and have decided to sue blacklists that wrongfully (probably) list them. The latest such case is about to go to court, according to an article in Again, it sounds like the guy suing is overreacting by blaming the guy who set up the list — no matter how bad the list was. The problem is with those who relied on such a questionable list, and not the list maintainer. As the article notes, however, it looks like ISPs and companies are finally starting to realize that not all spam blacklists were created equal, and not all are worth using.

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