Now Where's That Class On Comparison Shopping?

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Ok, this story is appearing everywhere, and is a few days old, but people keep submitting it. So, in case you haven’t caught it at one of the fifty other sites that have linked to it, according to the Florida State University newspaper, some administration folks there have decided to work out a great “compromise” deal with Apple to let FSU distribute iTunes for free on campus. Yes, that’s right, the software that is already free everywhere, will also be free on FSU’s campus. We can only assume they had blocked it out entirely before. Even better, FSU administrators struck a hard bargain with those Apple music barons by getting them to take a whopping $0.00 off the price of each song so, yes, you guessed it, each song will cost people $0.99. Such a deal! The best part, of course, are the quotes: “I think it is a fantastic idea,” and “This just makes it more available for everybody else to use it.” Ah yes, by offering the same deal that everyone else gets, it’s now “more available.” One hopes that in this “deal” FSU isn’t actually paying anything to Apple, but if they are, congratulations Apple for suckering FSU. Someone might suggest (just maybe) that some of the administrators at FSU should sit in on a few classes taught by the wonderfully named Ransom McClung, teacher of classes on financial accounting and, yes, fraud examination.

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