More Non-Standard Pre-Standard Announcements

We don’t even have 802.16d WiMax equipment certified, and already a company is out there claiming that they’re going to offer pre-standard 802.16e “mobile” WiMax. How many times does it need to be said, that if the standard is not in place, you can’t offer it? It’s not “pre-standard” anything. It’s a proprietary solution that you hope you’ll upgrade (possibly at some cost) to the standard in the future, but pitching it as a “pre-standard” is misleading. It’s also dangerous for an industry that has a very long history of overhyping and under-delivering. If people start using pre-standard equipment and find out that it doesn’t work well (and, if history is any indication, it won’t), then it’s doing serious damage to the reputation of the standard that it doesn’t really represent.^M

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