No IPO For Gator

from the the-spyware-gods-have-spoken dept

While people are still watching for that Google IPO any day now, the door seems to be slamming shut for many other dot coms that hoped to leap through into the publicly traded world. Among the many firms who have delayed or pulled their IPOs in recent days, famed adware (“don’t call us spyware!”) company Claria (better known as Gator). No details are given, but there’s a short blurb in this article noting that Claria has delayed its IPO citing “unfavorable market conditions”. Maybe the problem is that their “adware” is bogging down all their underwriters’ computers. August is almost always a notoriously bad month for IPOs, so it makes you wonder why so many companies have been trying to push through now. Chances are the IPO market will rebound again at some point in the near future, so this may just be a short-lived break before Gator-ware infects Wall Street.

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