Mobile Advertising… Based On Search Results

Paid search is definitely a market that’s hot. Mobile advertising, on the other hand, seems to be an area where marketers want it to be hot, but haven’t yet realized that most of what they try to do is really just annoying to users. So, it’s no surprise that some company is trying to combine the two, picking up on the popularity of paid search, and somehow linking it to mobile advertising. SearchTeria claims that they’re launching a new mobile phone advertising service that will send ads to mobile phones based on what users are surfing and searching for online. The announcement is very poorly worded, so it’s not entirely clear what they’re really talking about. At first, it sounded like they were going to SMS spam people after they did searches at mobile search engines — but, the sites they name are desktop search engines. Therefore, it sounds as though, they’re looking to get users to sign up (opt-in!) to get SMS spam based on their desktop searching. Doesn’t sound particularly compelling.

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