Adware Company Sues Other Adware Company Over Evil Adware

from the battle-of-the-adwares dept

180Solutions, who has been repeatedly trashed as being a spyware provider (but who somehow convinced a VC to give them $40 million), recently was accused of stealing affiliate commissions via its adware. The company denied this claim quite loudly, and have always denied that they installed their app surreptitiously (though, a quick Google search suggests otherwise). Now, however, they have sued two “partner” companies who they claim did bad things with their software. This seems a bit sketchy. Basically, they’re saying two partner companies they gave their application to bundled it with other programs and installed it without asking or warning users. Looks like they’re suddenly trying to seem more legit, but if the spyware claims have been around as long as they have, and it only took until now for 180solutions to react, you have to wonder what they’ve been doing all this time.

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