Apple Puts iTunes On A Mobile Phone (But Is There More?)

from the step-1? dept

Sneaking this in towards the end of the day, Apple and Motorola have announced plans for Apple to put a “slimmed down” version of iTunes on a Motorola phone that will be sold next year. It’s not quite an iPhone, as it will really just be like similar MP3 playing phones, with fairly limited storage. In fact, some may wonder why Apple would even bother, since the whole point of iTunes is to sell more iPods. You could make the argument that having iTunes on a mobile phone might make someone more willing to buy an iPod also, but it’s a stretch. A more intriguing conspiracy theory would be that this is simply “step 1” in a relationship between Motorola and Apple to build wireless iPods, where they roll this offering out to test the partnership, and then work on a wireless iPod secretly in the background.

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