RFID Chip Implanted in Mexico Judicial Workers

Okay. Mike has been avoiding this story since it stinks a little of falsehood, but I’m gonna give it a shot, because I’ve read it from the AP – but more importantly because Dennis Miller covered it last night on MSNBC. And as everyone knows, if you can’t believe the fact-checkers at a MSFT+NBC co-owned comedy news broadcast, who can you trust? 160 High-security-clearance Mexican Judicial Workers had rice-sized RFID tags implanted under their skin in a bid to limit access to secure areas, and to track who is accessing what data. The RFID solution is supposed to reduce the ‘leakage’ of secret investigation information to organized criminals, which is expected to be carried out by corrupt officials. Strangely, the chips from Applied Digital Solutions do not have any form of encryption, which would suggest they are relatively easy to copy. What’s to stop someone from using an handheld RFID reader to hit the chip, get the info, and make a copy? Then the criminals could make a replica RFID and use it, and they wouldn’t even have to stick it under their skin! Mike adds: Okay, okay, if you have to write about this, you should at least include some of the background on the folks from Applied Digital Solutions. They have repeatedly lied about FDA approval of their devices, then ignored some rules the FDA gave them after which they sued one of their own creditors. Finally, to avoid all this US legal crap they started focusing on the Mexican market, the result of which Derek describes above. If these are the people you want sticking a useless chip in your arm, go ahead.

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