North Korea May Not Have Mobile Phones, But They Have A Portal

from the not-that-it-works-or-anything... dept

North Korea was recently in the technology news for their decision to ban mobile phones from the country. However, it looks like they’re trying to figure out this whole internet thing, and are stuck somewhere back in the nineties as they’re trying to launch their very own internet portal. It has news, shopping and even free email, though the email part doesn’t actually work (remember: must not let people communicate). There doesn’t seem to be much internet infrastructure in North Korea, of course, so the site needs to be run out of Germany instead.

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Comments on “North Korea May Not Have Mobile Phones, But They Have A Portal”

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RR says:

Collectivism's failure

Hey, look at it this way, aside from the fact that untold thousands of people die from starvation in a brutal police state, this is a continuous Demonstration of the absolute failure of Socialism, Communism, Fascism (yes, it’s the same thing, as in NAZI – National Socialism), Marxism, Collectivism, etc. etc.

Think of it as a huge ?experiment? with one land mass, people and culture that?s divided in half.
One half is thriving under Capitalism, the other dying under socialism,

Anonymous Coward says:

Re: Collectivism's failure

You might want to consider the difference between socialism (“we have an obligation to take care of our fellow man”) and national socialism (“we have an obligation to take care of our fellow man, as long as he’s part of our own people, and ignoring all others”). I’m not a fan of either one, but there is a difference.

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