Let Us Swim Upstream

from the no-more-speed-limits dept

Now that we’re at the point of talking about how people are living a broadband life, isn’t it about time we addressed the question of why all that bandwidth is focused downward? The internet is a communications medium, not a broadcast medium, and for people to really adopt broadband and all it can do, it’s time that the broadband companies realized that people want upstream bandwidth as well. Notice that two of the only things that have been mentioned as “killer apps” for broadband, file sharing and VoIP, both involve upstream bandwidth as well as downstream. Yet, we’re still in an asymmetric bandwidth world.

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Comments on “Let Us Swim Upstream”

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1 Comment
Mark HIdden says:

Love your Up stream Dream.

Were not talking No upstream, were talking limited upstream. And that makes sences why would you need the same upstream as you have down stream. In genral you have more information coming in then you have going out simply because there are more them?s then me?s. Unless you?re doing p2p and then it?s a tuff sell to a cable company why this is necessary.

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