Streamcast CEO Accuses Record Labels Of Collusion

from the well-that-seems-obvious-enough dept

As the recording industry continues their pointless lawsuits to put the fear of litigation into the hearts of file sharers, it turns out that file sharing — especially of music — is on the upswing. Even worse, Streamcast’s CEO is presenting evidence to Congress that the record labels have colluded to create a “blacklist” against any of the file sharing companies, telling other firms not to work with the major file sharing companies or risk problems from within the established industry. This, of course, wouldn’t be a surprise, as the industry has been found guilty of such things in the past. Still, considering the type of entertainment-industry backed legislation that’s been coming out of Congress these days, they seem mostly interested in investigating how to prop up a dying industry, rather than looking into how that industry is colluding to keep out competition.

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